Alto Turia is currently one of the least populated areas of the Valencian Community, although there are remains from prehistoric times with great historical value. We have the advantage of enjoying the many corners that it keeps full of Nature, places that transport us to how the landscape around the Turia River was decades ago, a Mediterranean flora and wild fauna will accompany us nearby: mouflon, deer, roe deer, golden eagle ....

     Places that are too far to walk to, to go by vehicle is complicated because they are dirt roads and tracks ... On the other hand, they are accessible to go with the bicycle, in each route we have places that invite us to stop and enjoy. Alto Turia awaits you ... Bring your pedals and your will, we will take care of the route, accommodation and meals.

    The proposal can be from two days to six, sleeping and eating in selected places. An adventure that adjusts to the difficulty that you want. Let's see the example of Crossing in 3 days: :

    The proposed route is of medium-high level. Although this model can be adjusted and adapted to the level of the participating group. Start and End: in Tuéjar..
     From Tuéjar we will go to Titaguas and Aras de los Olmos where the first day ends. In Aras de los Olmos we will have dinner, accommodation and breakfast at a Rural Hotel. After dinner we have an astronomical experience (weather permitting) typical of a unique place to gaze at the stars.
     From Aras de los Olmos we will go to Benagéber along the river discovering this historical route with a river landscape that surrounds the canyons of the Turia River.
     We will arrive in Benagéber in the afternoon, we will take a shower, we will have an activity where we will taste a pairing of local cheeses and wines, to open our mouths and then we will have dinner. We will rest in the afternoon recharging our strength. We will end the 2nd. Stage.
     The third leaves from Benagéber and goes through Chelva towards Tuéjar, we will travel through a very varied landscape next to the Turia river and in the direction of Barchel, La Cortina, El Tiñoso and Chelva, from there we will go to Tuéjar where the proposed route ends. There are the parked vehicles..

     Route of about 160 km, in 3 days. With a cumulative ascent gap of 2,100 meters in the 3 stages.

This proposal consists of:

    The price of Crossing-3 is € 260.00 per person and includes:
  • Reception and delivery of technical material (routes, maps and tracks).
  • Support vehicle (we will travel with just enough in the backpack).
  • The first day, dinner, accommodation and breakfast at the Rural Hotel in Aras de los Olmos.
  • Astronomical activity in Aras de los Olmos. (If time allows it)
  • The second day replenishing dinner, accommodation and breakfast in El Sequer de Benagéber.
  • Before dinner, in El Sequer, we will have a tasting of the pairing with local cheeses and wine.
  • The price includes VAT and Insurance. We have more options for the journey to suit you. For other options ... contact us. We have complementary activities for the companions. We can pick you up and transport you in Valencia.


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