After working coordinated, but autonomously, more than a year, after carrying out team projects and seeing satisfactory results... Why not set up a cooperative in Alto Turia?: With this idea, Desatur Coop was born. V., is offered as a tool for professionals with experience in rural development and above all with a passionate vocation so that the environment is for everyone and sustainable.

     The work team already has experience in projects and a desire to improve by working together, so different and so complementary, different training, complementary professional experience and different ages ... but we have a common link: We love our work, and we are satisfied with a job well done. In fact, as we grow, we will "sign" more professionals to complement us.


David de Desatur. Actividades, Guia de experiencias
     DAVID VILLANUEVA MARTINEZ, lives in Tuéjar (Valencia). It is the Pure and Hard Activity of the team, trained as a Technician in conducting physical-sports activities in the Natural environment (TECAM) and Superior Technician in animation of physical and sports activities (TAFAD).
     He has worked as an adventure sports guide in the active tourism company AVENSPORT (a pioneer company in this type of tourism in the Valencian community). The Main Capacities are the Creation and start-up of the active tourism company Atrévete Aventuras. And he has been co-designer of the ALTO TURIA BTT TRAVESIA project.

Juan Carlos de Desatur. Administración y Técnico Senderos
JUAN CARLOS BALLESTER lives in Benagéber. He takes "the kitchen" of the Cooperative, training in ISO 9000 Quality Control, Diploma in Operational Research and National Trails Technician is his main contribution to the work team.
     With professional experience as a Computer Technician, Rural Development Projects in the "Association of Benagéber, El Hijo del Monte" and having worked as head of administration in different companies. In recent years it has launched projects such as the viability of Hostels, design and execution of the CAMINO DEL SILENCIO tourist route in Benagéber, and the TRAVESIA DEL ALTO TURIA project in the Alto Turia Commonwealth

     Development of Tourism Products:         »  Interpretation of tourist resources. The rural tourism project must have the interpretation phase, essential to later communicate effectively.
Señaletica de rutas y de interpretación en el Azud de Tuéjar, Alto Turia

        »  Content Management in the Routes and resources. The communication must have a detailed content that makes our resources valued.
        »  Crossings and Hiking and BTT Routes. With option to guide and support vehicle.
        »  Content design of places of interest.
        »  Leisure and Cultural Activities in Alto Turia, Multi-activity, visits to historical places, photographic routes ...
Excursiones en la Reserva de VALDESERRILLAS, Benagéber, Alto Turia
        »  Design and execution of Hiking Routes, Homologation and interpretation.
        »  Experiences and stays in Alto Turia with days of mountain biking / hiking, Orientation, Survival, Courses, Fire prevention volunteering, gastronomy ...
        »  Education days for the sustainability of our environment.

Natural Site of the Birth of the River Tuéjar. Homologation of the route, interpretation, updating of informational elements, restoration of various elements and generation of content ... Under development in the Public Use Plan and the interpretive heritage project.
Birding, hides para fotografiar y disfrutar de las aves en el Alto Turia

        » ACCESSIBILITY - INCLUSIVE TOURISM: Project and Execution of the performance of" Benagéber with the five Senses "700 meters between the town of Benagéber and the Parque de la Ermita de San Isidro: Different elements that allow the Interpretation for people with varied disabilities of our nature. We enjoy accentuating the senses of our biodiversity, with special content also for the youngest.
        » Project Design of the Cycle-Tourism and BTT Crossing through Alto Turia. A tour that will allow you to know the best corners of Alto Turia.
        » Project and Design of the CAMINO DEL SILENCIO, Design and Approval of the Route that runs through the abandoned villages of Benagéber. We are currently finalizing the interpretation project and the definitive marking of the route.
        » Fire Prevention Volunteer Project in Alto Turia 2017
        » Guided Path and Photography Activity Days Autumn in the Alto Turia "of 2016 in Aras de los Olmos, Benagéber, Chelva, Titaguas and Tuéjar.
        » Conferences in the primary schools of Tuéjar, Chelva and Titaguas on THE VALUE OF WATER, a conference in which we give value to water and its responsible use so that the little ones act as a transmission belt for those of us who are older.
        » TUÉJAR TRAIL STATION. A circuit of approved routes designed to carry out activities from a minimum of 4 Kms. To more than 60 Kms. Traversing and recovering old paths and paths around the NATURAL PLACE NACIMIENTO DEL RIO TUÉJAR. It is where the TRAIL TUÉJAR takes place at the beginning of each spring.
        » SIGNAGE ON NORDIC MARCH ROUTES. Design and execution of beacons and information panels for Nordic Walking routes in the province of Valencia.
        » NATURAL RESERVE OF VALDESERRILLAS. Creation of the Nature Classroom, new fences and sustainability project for the Valdeserrillas Natural Reserve, next to the Benagéber Reservoir and the Turia River. An essential corner of nature in the area declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, ALTO TURIA.

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